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The items to be displayed can also be changed while editing.
Here you can adjust the size and layout of the star map, and the position of the text and images. As you change the settings, the preview image changes immediately.
Prices include VAT, Free shipping to the USA.

Prices include VAT, Free shipping to the USA.
Here you can choose from our pre-set color schemes and then give each detail a unique color in the palette below. IMPORTANT: Colors were adjusted on calibrated monitors with proofs. For technological reasons, the colors seen on monitors and mobile devices intended for everyday use may differ from the colors of a printed poster to varying degrees.

You can specify which day, from which geographical location, the sky should appear. The position of the stars is different from every point on the Earth and at every moment of time.

If you do not know the exact address (eg in the middle of the ocean) you can enter the coordinates of the location. By default, the system automatically calculates based on the set address.
You can specify what the title and text should be in the image. To do this, you can select the font you like and adjust its size. The system marks text protruding from the image at a given size with a red background. Make sure it fits what you want!

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Prices include VAT, Free shipping to the USA.

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